Experience, Innovation and Creativity

The Past is what makes us who we are today.
The Present is our opportunity to grow.
The Future is a challenge we accept.

Experience, Innovation and Creativity

These are the strengths of Maritan Glass, an Italian company that has worked successfully in the glass industry for over 40 years. Taking over the reins of Maritan Glass, we have a young, capable, dynamic team with cutting edge knowledge of the industry and its technological innovations who have an ambitious project of growth and development associated with a new method of doing business which will lead them to distinguish themselves among competitors for the meaning and excellence of the term Made in Italy.

This is our


Maritan Glass wants to diffuse the excellence of the Made in Italy brand around the world with a new way of doing business which focuses on the client and their values.



Maritan Glass is an efficient and integrated business company where the departments communicate with each other and offer a high level of service at every step: from the realization to the installation of the item. The technical department deals with every stage of the production process: from the analysis to the certification and performs all the management procedures and quality control. The Research and Development Department deals with technological innovations aimed at improving the product and the production processes right up to the creation of the new merchandise. The Quality Control Department aims to improve the status of the company by reducing waste and optimizing its resources. The Marketing Department takes care of enhancing and promoting the entire corporate structure and products by creating online and off-line communication strategies. The Customer Assistance Department guarantees continuous customer support even after installation.