From the idea
to the finished product.
Production of special glass.

Maritan Glass services



maritanglass codesign

Our experts support the customer right from the early stages of the project by providing effective advice on the most suitable glass types and processes to be produced, based on the application, the regulations to be complied with, the safety and quality required.



maritanglass rilievo

We have the latest and most innovative 2D/3D survey systems and we carry out measurements both on the work site and at our premises. We carry out surveys for both construction sector and for shipyards.



maritanglass progettaz

Our highly qualified technical staff develops the project according to the customer's drawing or from a survey with 2D/3D software, generating the production procedures and product quality.



maritanglass produzione

The completely internal production process guarantees effective control over the process flow. A production planning system constantly monitors and updates the processing sequences to ensure on-time deliveries.


Research and Development

maritanglass ricercaesviluppo

Our Research and Development department is constantly seeking out innovative materials and solutions to increase the performance of our products.


Quality Control

maritanglass controlloqualita

We carry out constant checks on the quality of the products, in compliance with the applied regulations and the quality plan agreed with the customer.


Management of classification societies

maritanglass gestioneenti

We take care of the management of the classification societies by defining and testing solutions, in accordance with the required characteristics.



maritanglass installazione

We provide the installation service all over the world, with qualified personnel who are constantly kept up-to-date on the latest methods of applying our glass.