Processes and products

A key material for architects and designers, glass is able to meet aesthetic needs, but not only. We combine the innate transparency of glass, which allows us to separate rooms invisibly, opening them to the outside space in an elegant and lightweight way, with studies into increasingly high-performance technological solutions that guarantee comfort and movement.

Thanks to our in-house equipment, we are able to carry out all the necessary processes to produce glass for the architectural sector, in particular:

  • bending
  • traditional and digital serigraphy 
  • lamination
  • thermal tempering
  • chemical hardening
  • insulated glass

We supply all types of glass available on the market: low-iron glass, coloured glass, with anti-reflective coating, heat-controlled glass and UV protective glass.

Our glass for the architectural sector includes:

  • flat and curved facades 
  • flat and curved railings 
  • walkable glass
  • glass canopies